You were a star at the book club! I have never seen these women so quiet before! You had them enthralled. Cosmic smile!
Vicki Timmons
Torrance Book Club
Aura Imbarus presented a dynamic and heartwarming discussion about her experiences published in Out of the Transylvania Nigh: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity at the Torrance Public Library. Her ability to “read” the audience of students, travelers, educators and curious readers was uncanny as she garnered their attention for over two hours, and they wanted more! I have never seen such a diverse audience react so positively to an author talk- but Ms. Imbarus’ enthusiasm proves to be contagious…expressions of laughter and disbelief filled the room as Ms. Imbarus recollected her travels from Sibiu to the United States and subsequent attempts to secure a job, home, mate and, ultimately, happiness. I would highly recommend Ms. Imbarus for small and large groups alike as she connects to listeners’ minds and captures their hearts.
Cynthia Aguado
Torrance Public Library
Aura Imbarus can be likened to a rocketship — colorful, vibrant, and unstoppable when it comes to making her dreams come true. As a speaker, she shows her audience that anything is possible for them. Having lived in a communist country, Aura truly knows the meaning of “freedom” and enjoys it to the fullest. Her accomplishments are stellar, from earning a Ph.D. to learning multiple languages to writing a memoir that became a Pulitzer Prize entry. Throughout her life, she overcome some heartbreaking setbacks and emerged stronger because of her determination and hard work. And she believes others can use the lessons she teaches to succeed as well. I’ve heard Aura speak several times, and each time I leave knowing that she believes in me and that challenges are part of the journey to my particular star.
Annie Lubinsky
Editorial Writer, PV News
Aura presented a two-part program at our Library, inspiring an audience made up of current writers, future writers, or people just interested in the path she traveled to write her memoir “Out of the Transylvania Night”, and get it published. Our audience thoroughly enjoyed her speaking and presentation style, which was instructional and interactive, but vivacious and funny too. After listening to Aura speak and engage her audience, it is easy to see how that positive energy enabled her to leave behind a familiar world, and achieve success in a new one.
Amy Feller
Redondo Beach Library
The Beverly Hills Women’s Club thoroughly enjoyed the presentation of Aura Imbarus. Controlled by a communist regime under rations and curfews, her story of personal and family courage, and the journey to her new life in America, and what that has meant to her, was an inspiration to us all. For a moment we were all united in the blessedness of our civil liberties, freedom to choose and inspired to pursue our own right to happiness.
Cindy Leuty Jones
Chair of Special Events
I extend my highest recommendation to Ms. Aura Imbarus, who was gracious enough to participate in our author speaker series at Long Beach City College’s Marian Sims Baum Center for Creative Writing. Aura spoke on April 15th, only a week after she had returned from an overseas trip, yet her energy and passion were unabated. Rather than give a traditional reading, Aura engaged the audience by giving an oral rendition of her adventure into the world of literary prose and memoir. This resulted in immediate captivation of the student and faculty audience. They were drawn into her adventures and found themselves participating in her journey from the dark Transylvanian night, toward the light of the California dream. This was a reading unlike any I had ever attended, and I was incredibly thankful to Aura for entering into a conversation with the audience.
Allison Murray Pop
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Long Beach City College
Aura Imbarus, Ph.D.

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