With Stefanie Elwood, M.A.

Writing a book is like baking a pie, sort of. You need to gather your resources, the ingredients. You need to have plan, the recipe. You need to have a purpose, the occasion, and present your lovely pie for the enjoyment of others, your readers.

The See Beyond Writing Coaching Program provides the support you need to bring your project to completion.

If you are an entrepreneur, you might need a book to expand your brand, increase sales, hire new employees, leave a legacy, increase your company’s visibility or simply share your vision with your fans.

If you don’t own a company, you might use a book as a creative outlet or a cathartic experience for healing or moving forward. The curiosity generated through publishing a book could make you a viable candidate for podcasts, blogs, networking groups, speaking platforms or simply provide you with a mission.

Whatever the reason, you can and should write a book. 85% of Americans in business say they want to write a book but only 5% do! We encourage you to join this small group of proactive, ambitious individuals. Enroll in the See Beyond Writing Coaching Program today and let’s get started!

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